Packaging equipment

  • LQ-MD DDM Digital Die-cutting Machine

    LQ-MD DDM Digital Die-cutting Machine

    LO-MD DDM series products adopt automatic feeding and receiving functions, which can realize “5 automatic”that is automatic feeding, automatic read cutting files, automatic positioning,automatic cutting and automatic ma-terial collection can realize one person to control multiple devices, reduce work intensity, save labor costs, andimprove work efficiency

  • Thermal Inkjet Empty Cartridge

    Thermal Inkjet Empty Cartridge

    A thermal inkjet empty cartridge is a crucial component of an inkjet printer, responsible for storing and delivering ink to the printer’s printhead.

  • LQ-Funai handheld printer

    LQ-Funai handheld printer

    This product has a high-definition touch screen, can be a variety of content editing, print throw longer distance, color printing deeper, support QR code printing,stronger adhesion