Flexographic Plate Market awareness and acceptance have been continuously improved

Market awareness and acceptance have been continuously improved

Over the past 30 years, flexographic printing has made initial progress in the Chinese market and occupied a certain market share, especially in the fields of corrugated boxes, sterile liquid packaging (paper-based aluminum-plastic composite packaging materials), breathable films, non-woven fabrics, web paper, woven bags, and paper cups and napkins.

In the general trend of low-carbon and environmental protection, flexographic printing technology meeting the requirements of green and environmental protection has been mentioned to an important position. Flexographic printing occupies an increasing share in the world printing market. The technological breakthroughs of printing and packaging enterprises at home and abroad in flexographic printing equipment and consumables also promote the green development of packaging and printing market.

The water-based, alcohol soluble and UV ink used in flexographic printing does not contain solvents such as benzene, ester and ketone with strong toxicity, nor does it contain heavy metals harmful to human body. These advantages effectively ensure the requirements of green environmental protection for flexible packaging and have been paid attention to in the flexible packaging market. UV flexographic ink is widely used in some milk boxes and beverage boxes. UV flexographic ink with low odor, low migration and meeting the standard requirements of the State Food and drug administration is gradually moving from experiment to market, and there will be great development space in the future. Water based flexographic ink is mainly used in the field of food packaging and printing. The raw materials used in its manufacturing process comply with the relevant provisions of the hygienic standard for the use of additives for food container packaging materials, which can greatly reduce the solvent residue of packaging products.

Flexographic printing technology has been continuously applied in the field of flexographic printing, from the initial development of flexographic materials and flexographic materials to digital reproduction of flexographic materials, from flexographic materials to flexographic materials.

Affected by the economic situation at home and abroad, the growth rate of the domestic flexographic equipment and consumables market has slowed down. However, with the increasing promotion of green printing and the innovation of flexographic technology, the flexographic market can be expected in the future and the development prospect will not be immeasurable!

Post time: Apr-06-2022