UP Group in the 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

Jun 23th-25th, UP Group went to BEIJING participating in the 10th Beijing international printing technology exhibition.Our main product is printing consumbles and introduce products to customers through live broadcast. The exhibition came in an endless stream of customers. At the same time, we visited the cooperative manufacturers and observe the market conditions. The exhibition has come to a successful conclusion.

Exhibition History

In order to implement the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening publishing work and promote the technological transformation of China’s printing industry and the development of printing technology, in 1984, with the approval of the State Council, the first Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (China print), jointly sponsored by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the State Economic Commission, was successfully held in the national agricultural exhibition hall. As decided by the government, Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition will be held every four years, and has been successfully held for nine times.

After three decades of trials and hardships, China print has grown together with China’s printing industry and stepped on the international stage together with China’s printing colleagues. China print is not only a national brand of Chinese printing, but also a feast for the global printing industry.

Exhibition Hall Introduction

The new pavilion of China International Exhibition Center covers an area of 155.5 hectares, with a total construction area of 660000 square meters. The construction area of phase I project is 355000 square meters, including 200000 square meters of exhibition hall and its ancillary facilities, 100000 square meters of main exhibition hall and 20000 square meters of auxiliary exhibition hall; The construction area of hotel, office building, commercial and other service facilities is 155000 square meters.

The flow of people and the flow of goods (goods) in the new pavilion of China International Exhibition Center are separated. The width of the circular passage for the flow of people between the exhibition halls is greater than 18 meters, the width of the logistics passage between the exhibition halls is greater than 38 meters, and the width of the circular municipal road outside the exhibition center is greater than 40 meters. The outdoor area between the exhibition halls is the unloading area, and its width can meet the two-way driving of container trailers. The inner ring road of the exhibition hall and the outer ring road of the exhibition hall are unblocked, and the traffic guidance signs are clear and clear. The traffic flow is mainly distributed near the distribution square of the exhibition center; The flow of people is relatively concentrated in the three large distribution squares on the central axis of the exhibition area and the four small distribution squares on the south side of the exhibition area. The electric shuttle buses running around the exhibition hall connect the squares together.


Post time: Apr-06-2022